So let me first start with Sunday July 17th ...
I screwed up. I totally thought that this was the day we departed from Sac to Iceland… wrong. We woke up monster, loaded our suitcases, went to the airport and everything! Yeah, ugh. We didn’t figure out we goofed up (well, that I goofed up) until we got there and the agent said, “Your date is set for tomorrow, would you like me to see if we can change this for today?” Umm, no. Embarrassing. Anyways, it was a total blessing in disguise! We had sooo much to do! Plus, we were able to take our babies out to the park and enjoy them before leaving. It was REALLY ENJOYABLE to have a FULL DAY OFF! Unheard of.

Monday July 18th
Our actual departure day, yay! We already knew the dealio since we had a practice run the day before -_- So checking in went smoothly. It was both of our first times riding the trolly in the international flights terminal. Pretty cool. 

I HATE TSA! I am beyond grateful for them, but the whole process gives me anxiety and freaks me out! Apparently we had something suspicious looking in our Pelican case that was filled with only photography equipment. So some TSA dude pulled us aside and told us he was going to look through it, and give it a thorough search. Meanwhile, we were to not reach over or into the case. Okay. He proceeds to pop open the case, looks at it, and says, “Whose gun is this?” I looked at Jorge like, “WTF YOU PACKED THAT?” Then the TSA dude starts laughing -_- Funny, not funny. He destroyed our organized case of equipment, but he was cool, so I’ll let it pass. 

We ate at Jacks and then chilled in the new international terminal at Alaskan Airlines for 2 hours prior to loading. I didn’t have my phone out, or my laptop out. I just watched planes come and go. SERIOUSLY HEAVENLY!

Once we boarded onto Alaskan Air going to Seatle (1.5 hr flight), we got to meet this sweet, well-traveled German lady. She told us that the best airline is Emirates and that the best place she’s visited is South Africa. She has lived all over and currently resides in Lincoln, CA.

We soon found out that she’s going to Iceland too! Awesome! So, now that I knew this bit of info, I asked her if she had a gate assigned for her Seattle to Iceland flight, she said no. I asked because I knew we didn’t either. So we decided to go together to figure out what the next step was. LITTLE DID WE KNOW THE SEATTLE AIRPORT IS HUGE!! We ended up landing in the N (North) Wing for domestic flights and we needed to get to the S Wing for international. WE HAD TO TAKE 5 TROLLY’S PASS 8 STOPS TO GET TO THE S WING! Soooo intimidating in a huge airport that we have never been to yet. It made our lil trolly trip earlier that morning in SMF seem a little less cool that’s for sure. We eventually found where we needed to be and BAM time to eat. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs. It came to like $30bucks but whatever - dang convenience fees. Once we boarded, we were stoked!! The plane was totally Iceland’ed out!! We got Iceland branded water, pillows, blankets, Iceland news, videos, movies… and the plane even had the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) lighting the aisle-ways! Our ETA for Iceland time was 6:45am, bright and early in the morning. Bright and early in the morning ICELAND TIME. Our bodies were use to Sac time… which was 10:45pm. We lost half a day… one whole night! What was MIND BLOWING is that the sun never set. It sunk to the horizon line, never disappeared, radiated this bright orange light, then shot back up in the sky. No nighttime, whats so ever. Mind. Blown.

Tuesday July 19th
WE’RE LANDING, WE’RE LANDING! We have just flown over Canada, Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean and have lost 7 hours of sleep-time to jump to Icelandic time. We aren’t feeling the time difference yet because we are so hyped and high off life! As soon as we got off the plane, I realized I didn’t know the game plan for the group, Develop and Raw. All I knew is that our 3 leaders were going to pick up the gang as they landed at the airport. But I didn’t know when or where. Panic strikes as I connect to the airports wi-fi to hop onto our FB page to get the plan. And there it was, all spelled out. Perfect. “We will pick-up everyone outside of the airport at arrivals at 7:30a. Be sure to grab food and exchange money at the airport.” Wait, 7:30AM?! It’s 7am!

Hardest wake up ever… for Jorge. I popped up like a daisy. I shot up, cracked open my phone, and started answering emails. Prior to leaving I set-up my email with an automated response to state something like: Got your message. We’re in Iceland. Talk to you when I get back in office 07.25.16. BUT IT SO HARD FOR ME NOT TO RESPOND TO EMAILS! So I responded to those I could answer or assist away from home. I noticed we booked a January wedding that morning, felt so good! ;) Anyways, this was the only night we were staying at this airbnb. So once we got up and got dressed, we had to fully pack. Did that pretty quick, (and crappily). My outfit for the waterfalls that day included these adorable yellow rain/hiking boots with ribbon bowties in the back. I saw them online and fell in love! I was worried that they would be unrealistic for Iceland climate but I decided to give em’ a shot. . . . . . .